Training in Adicolor

ADICOLOR has always considered training and constant updating of products and application techniques as essential elements of the company’s philosophy.
For this reason, we have created the new "ADICOLOR ACADEMY", our in-house training school.

A brand-new structure of over 500 square meters entirely dedicated to color, decoration and training. Here we organize conferences, seminars and professional courses for specialists in the field, where they can experience first-hand all the Adicolor product range. 

In our Academy, that has been specifically equipped in a modern way, our MASTER DECORATORS and HIGHLY QUALIFIED TECHNICIANS will personally follow the participants during each course with targeted, first-class training.

The programs of the courses include numerous practical training sessions, meetings and video projections.

Each participant operates at his own workstation and has all the necessary supports and tools for practicing what is being shown.

But the ADICOLOR ACADEMY will be much more than this... 
Through what can be considered a true academic path, we will form new color professionals and provide all participants with the necessary instruments, information and skills to: 

  • increase their professionalism and competitiveness; 

  • give them the possibility to participate in jobs where higher qualifications are required;

  • distinguish themselves from other competitors and excel on the market.

ADICOLOR ACADEMY "ON TOUR": training in your territory

Do you want to organize one or more days with training and demonstrations in your Point of Sale to experience the quality of the wide range of ADICOLOR products?

You will meet our MASTERS and TECHNICIANS who will show you how to master the methods, materials and application techniques of the different range of products.

At the end of these meetings, you will be sure to have found in ADICOLOR a qualified partner able to provide constant support and a concrete response to all your professional needs.

Contact us by writing to and discover how to become a qualified professional. 
We look forward to hearing from you!