Our identity

Right from the start of activity and the first products developed, Adicolor has always availed of the most innovative production technology, a highly specialized and professional team, and above all, a great passion for traditional paints and for the fascinating field of decorative effects.

The continuous and obsessive search for an always higher quality standard together with the constant desire to improve the results achieved, are the key to creating products to meet the growing demands of customers in all the world, always safeguarding the renowned “Made in Italy” concept.

After more than 30 years of business and despite achieving a leading and prestigious position on the market, we still have the same desire to amaze and astonish that we had when we started off.

Today we are unable to predict what the future will reserve, but in Adicolor we will surely do our best to give it a positive influence, using everything we have learned and will learn, with the desire to bring the name and quality of Italian tradition wherever possible.

The first steps

The history of Adicolor begins in 1987: many hopes and dreams but also many fears.

“I can still see the image of our truck carrying 3, yes, 3 pallets of Adimur to a wholesaler in Bergamo“. Today this statement makes you smile, but for at that time it represented a small yet big success.

The choice to establish an optimal level of customer service and an advantageous quality/price ratio began to prove successful, but it was with the intuition to invest in the production of decorative effect paints that Adicolor really started its evolution.

The company showed an exponential growth and not just in Italy; Adicolor Canada Inc. started its activity. The new production facility began to be constructed in the Milan suburb of Mediglia and 2007 saw the first container that went to China.

In 2012, well-aimed strategic decisions, acquisitions, new sales channels, huge investments on products, image and technology, enable Adicolor to notably increase sales, arriving today to be one of the reference companies in the sector.



We are present in over 30 countries worldwide

Over 4500 sq.m. of production plants

5 external logistic centers for the storage of finished products

Up to 75 tons daily production capacity


The UNI EN ISO 9001 certification is a testimony to the effectiveness of our Quality System, to our total customer-oriented approach that is constantly targeted to meet their specific needs, qualifying us as a company able to offer products and services with high quality standards.

The objectives

  • Enhance and strengthen the quality aspect of our products;
  • Meet customers’ demands and needs;
  • Be actively ready to face the many market challenges that are constantly brought forth.

  • Create an ideal workplace where people can express their skills and feel comfortable;
  • Be responsible people who help to create a supportive, eco-sustainable and peaceful environment.

  • Educate to diversity as like a richness;
  • Support the right of equal opportunities;
  • Live with honesty, integrity and authenticity;
  • Make a goal of creating a better future for oneself and for others;
  • Always do ones best in every aspect of life.


The environment

The protection of the environment and the territory are fundamental issues of corporate philosophy. Safeguarding the environment by adopting a more ethically responsible behavior to support a sustainable development is the daily commitment of every single Adicolor employee.

In line with the “rigid” European norms, Adicolor is engaged to systematically monitor the efficiency of its production facilities with the aim to minimize any type of emission and ensure a healthy working environment in full compliance with all safety standards.

Adicolor ensure that its products are constantly monitored in every environmental aspect in relation to all product life cycles and engages in developing higher quality standards in order to promote more sustainable products, providing a continuously improved level of information to the consumer.

More generally, each task must be the result of:

  • respect and protection of the territory;
  • respect and protection of the health and safety of all employees and the community;
  • compliance with the industry regulations;
  • respect of the key objective that is to create products that are always more environmental and eco-friendly.

Consulta la nostra POLITICA AMBIENTALE

Our photovoltaic system

We are convinced that our future depends only on our choices today and for this reason we have invested in the construction of a photovoltaic system.

The plant is already in operation and supplies the company with about 80% of the energy that it needs, thus helping to significantly reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


The heartbeat of Adicolor is represented by the Research & Development department that has always been committed to identifying and adopting solutions that are innovative, technologically advanced and above all, eco-friendly for the protection of the environment and people’s health.

Every year the company invests about 10% of its turnover in the research and development of new products for the protection and decoration of different types of surfaces.

Activities that cannot be separated from the careful selection of the raw materials to be used, that are also developed in collaboration with Universities and major Organizations and Industrial Associations.



I Protect myself and others if I use a responsible behavior that does not in any way compromise safety within the workplace;

I Avoid untidiness and uncleanliness because working in a neat and clean environment, is fundamental for the safety and health of everyone;

I Support any type of activity and initiative that has the purpose of preserving and / or increasing safety for myself and for my colleagues;

I Promote and communicate information and model behavior because security also consist in cooperation and respect;

I Help my colleagues not to take risks for their safety because the safety of others is as much a concern as mine is to me.

Our Customers

Our main goal is to establish with our customers a long-lasting relationship that is based on mutual trust and full respect.

Customer responsiveness is our priority:

  • We want to know and understand our customers' specific needs to give them the best service possible;
  • We would like to be considered as well prepared, serious and reliable suppliers;
  • We want to be a qualified partner able to advise and guide our customers in the choice of the most appropriate product to suit their requirement;
  • We desire that every meeting concludes with a hearty handshake and a smile, because our customers' satisfaction is what gratifies us most and gives us the courage and the inspiration to do our best every single day.