Istant Colour Professional

A tinting system designed to meet the most diverse needs in the modern use of color for the building industry.

ADICOLOR, with decades of experience in the formulation and production of paints and finishing products of various types, offers its upgraded tinting system targeted to achieving the following goals:

  • providing accurately tinted products with excellent opacity;
  • optimization of the costs in coloring;
  • high application performance of products tinted with ADICOLOR paste;
  • broad range of colors readily producible, even bright colors for exteriors with a considerably high life span thanks to the use of selected pigments.


The range of high performing colorants in the Istant Colour tinting system allows you to achieve the great number of colors that can be found in the ADICOLOR collections as well as in the most popular color systems on the international market such as NCS and RAL.

The neutral base also enables you to make deep colors without losing sight of the hiding power and the homogeneity of application.

The ADICOLOR tinting system uses a set 16 Universal pigment pastes to enable the coloring of both water-based and solvent born products. Within the set, 6 colorants are based on inorganic pigments that guarantee excellent resistance to exterior application and a very high opacity. The remaining 10 are based on organic pigments that make it possible to obtain vibrant colors and complete the obtainable range of colors. The colorants used in the system all comply with the European VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulations in force since 2010 and are APE FREE, i.e. free from Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates, meeting the latest environmental regulations.

Thanks to a careful formulation of the products included in the tinting system, it has been possible to optimize the number of bases used, therefore reducing the quantity of stock items, while always ensuring the good hiding characteristics of the final tinted products. Each product in the system presents a white base that corresponds to the white finished product and has in support the intermediate and neutral bases that are needed to greatly widen the color range and obtain also deeper shades. The ADICOLOR tinting system gives the possibility of coloring an extensive range of products such as emulsion paints, quartz based paints, waterborne and solvent based enamels as well as the renowned decorative effect finishes range.

The meticulous selection of the pigments used and an optimum concentration of the coloring pastes will give an extremely competitive average cost of coloring.

This in addition to the fact that the correct price has been calculated of each base in order to provide a final finished product in the desired color that will result to have the most reasonable cost.

ADICOLOR offers its customers a variety of equipment to satisfy many different requirements. The dispensers available vary from a choice of a simple manual dispenser with limited costs up to fully automatic dispensers with high productivity.

The formula management program as well as the tinting system equipment are studied to be of modular type in order to be easily adjusted to customer’s true requirements. The software solutions available range from the simple formula book for manual dispensers to the more sophisticated management program for the automatic machines which also have the ability of interfacing a spectrophotometer to read custom colors and create tailored color formulations.

The ADICOLOR laboratory can also provide support for formulating custom colors and evaluating the optimized color formula according to the intended use of the products, with particular attention to the resistance of the formulated colors.

Colorazioni realizzabili

Una accurata scelta dei pigmenti utilizzati nelle paste coloranti consente di realizzare un elevato numero di colori presenti nelle collezioni colore più diffuse sul mercato internazionale: NCS, RAL

L’impiego di base neutre inoltre consente di ottenere colori molto intensi senza perdere di vista copertura e l’omogeneità di applicazione.

I coloranti

Il sistema tintometrico ADICOLOR è composto da 16 paste coloranti universali che consentono la colorazione sia di prodotti a base acqua sia di prodotti a base solvente. Di queste 6 sono a base di pigmenti inorganici che garantiscono ottima resistenza nelle applicazioni in esterno ed elevate copertura. Le successive 10, a base di pigmenti organici, permettono di ottenere colorazioni vivaci completando la gamma cromatica ottenibile. Le paste coloranti impiegate rispettano la normativa sulle emissioni di COV in vigore dal 2010 e sono APE FREE, cioè esenti da alchilfenoletossilati. soddisfando le ultime normative in materia ambientale.

Le basi e i prodotti tintometrici

Grazie ad una attenta formulazione delle basi tinto metriche è stato possibile ottimizzare il numero delle stesse, garantendo comunque un buon livello di copertura dei prodotti colorati e ottimizzando il numero degli articoli a stock. Ciascun prodotto presente a sistema oltre al tradizionale bianco, coincidente con il bianco vendita, ha in appoggio una base intermedia ed una neutra necessarie ad ottenere il massimo numero di colori realizzabili. Con il sistema tinto metrico ADICOLOR è possibile tinteggiare una ampia gamma di prodotti quali pitture murali, rivestimenti a base quarzo, smalti ad acqua ed a solvente, prodotti decorativi di varia natura.

Costi colorazione

Grazie ad una attenta selezione delle miscele pigmentarie ed a una concentrazione ottimale delle paste coloranti impiegate il costo di colorazione medio risulta estremamente competitivo.

Inoltre l’individuazione di un costo corretto delle basi unitamente a quello di colorazione consente di ottenere prodotti colorati con un costo estremamente competitivo.

Le macchine tintometriche

ADICOLOR offre alla propria clientela una ampia gamma di apparecchiature in grado di soddisfare qualsiasi esigenza. Dal tinto metro manuale con costi iniziali contenuti sino ai tintometri ad alta produttività.

Il software

Il programma gestionale delle formule e delle apparecchiature tinto metriche è di tipo modulare ed è in grado di soddisfare qualsiasi esigenza. Dal semplice libro formula per i tintometri manuali al gestionale per le macchine automatiche sino alla possibilità di interfacciare uno spettrofotometro per la lettura del colore e la sua formulazione.


Il laboratorio ADICOLOR fornisce assistenza per quanto riguarda la ricettazione di tinte a campione e nella valutazione/ottimizzazione delle ricette in base alla destinazione d’uso dei prodotti, ponendo particolare attenzione alla resistenza delle tinte formulate.


ISTANT COLOUR Professional Fan Deck

Professional Fan Deck

937 splendid updated colors of latest tendency to give you the possibility to select the “Sensation of Color” that most reflects your personal desires and tastes. An essential tool for working with your tinting system. All colors in this fan deck have been produced with the use of Adicolor, VOC FREE, ISTANT COLOUR Universal Colorants that fully comply with the European Decopaint 2007-2010 environmental and ecological regulations.

Paste coloranti

Universal colorants

Ideal for producing difficult tones, even for exteriors.


Mixers for tinting systems

Practical, modern and easy to use automatic and semiautomatic mixers to be used with the “Istant Colour” professional tinting system.


Manual dispenser

Manual pigment dispenser with 16 canisters of 2 liters each. The ideal Dispenser for small points of sale that desire a tinting system with a low-cost investment.

Inclusive of installation (Italy) and software.
PC not included.


Automatic dispenser

A small automatic pigment dispenser with 16 canisters of 3 liters each. The cost efficient dispenser, ideal for medium size points of sale. Offers the advantage of an electronic machine occupying a space of only 80 cm diameter. Connectable to a spectrophotometer (optional).

Inclusive of PC and installation (Italy).


Simultaneus dispenser

A high performance, simultaneous, automatic pigment dispenser with 16 canisters (12 of 3 liters each plus 4 of 5 liters each). This dispenser is the ideal solution for points of sale that require quicker and higher volume dosing. Connectable to a spectrophotometer (optional).

Inclusive of PC and installation (Italy).



The Adicolor Colorimeter is a portable instrument for “reading” the color of any surface. It is connected via Bluetooth® to your smartphone or tablet, and can identify in a few seconds and among the over 3,500 colors of the Adicolor, NCS and RAL fan-decks, the exact color or the closest match to the desired colour being read.